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TomyTec Tomica Limited 岀光 Idemitsu Motion 無限Honda Civic EF3

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TomyTec Tomica Limited 岀光 Idemitsu Motion 無限Honda Civic EF3

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 JTCC champion car Idemitsu Motion Civic EF9

This classic Idemitsu Motion EF9 is the champion car of the JTCC Group A (under 1600cc). It is one of the  Honda’s famous racing car. The drivers of the year were Neuko Shu and Okada Hideki. The vehicle engine was developed by MUGEN. It is increable for more than 200 horses power on a vehicle weight which less than 800KG.

Engine type: B16A
Engine system: naturally aspirated DOHC inline four-cylinder
Displacement: 1595cc
Bore and stroke: 81.0x77.4mm
Maximum horsepower: 205ps or more@7800rpm
Maximum torque: 18.5kg-m@7500rpm
Transmission: 5-speed MT
Weight: above 800kg


TomyTec's own qulity is already good. For the EF3 which painted an Idemitsu Motion Mugen pattern. It is attractable for the diecast car collector. Beside, Inno64 is more detailed than the TomyTec. The tail buckle and the antenna tomytec are out of proportin. If it is in the real scale... 



In fact, the target customer and the market of the Tomic is kid. For the safety reasons, TomyTec is impossible to achieve inno details. In addition, Like the Hong Kong limited edition EF3 street version, the wheels and rims are too big and the shock absorber is too high. You can play Rally race. If you want to push the diecast car smoothly, you must have a high shock absorbers and sacrifice the detail.



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